Monday, March 1, 2010

Book #5

Do Hard Things
By Alex and Brett Harris


Two brothers from Oregon have noticed that the word doesn't exactly challenge teenagers. In fact, the world seems to think of teenagers as lazy, uncaring kids who only think about themselves. Alex and Brett decide to challenge themselves to beat the low expectations this world has for them--and they take us with them with a challenge to do hard things for the glory of God.

What it Meant To Me:

This book made a HUGE difference in my life. The descriptions of real teenagers doing real hard things for the glory of God touched me deeply and inspired me to make a difference. My youth group read this as a study last year and it helped me to realize that the world isn't all about me. The more hard things you do, the better you feel because you glorify God and He fills you with His love and joy. 

Thanks to
Rachel (age 14)


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