Friday, September 17, 2010

We're Back


September is here and school is starting! I have been praying about this website and how it can best benefit others and I have decided, due to the nature of the website that I’m going to run things a little differently.
I have asked three wonderful girls to join the “team.” Each month we will be addressing a “hot topic” so to speak. Each girl will write her opinion on the subject and then I will post those articles here! The reason I decided to set it up this way is because I want to make sure there is always new material we can discuss.
The Forum: Will still be a place to comment and share your ideas, but instead of talking about random subjects we’ll be addressing the topic of the month.
If you feel lead to share your ideas in an article type format feel free to email us.
“As young women we are called to bring glory to God and serve our families. How we pursue this calling can vary depending on the circumstances, especially when it comes to education. Is it beneficial and God-glorifying for a girl to pursue a college education?”


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