Friday, September 17, 2010

Guidelines and Lifelines

Okay. So, first I’ll just give you some of my personal guidelines for what to do in college. Then after that, I’ll tell you what my family and I have chosen to do.
I think a few key things are this:
1) Have a reason for going to college if you go. Don’t just go to… go. I know for me, I used to think I’d go to college simply because it was the next thing to do. But, think it through! More importantly, pray.
2) If you are going away from home to attend college… I would strongly suggest that you find a Christian family there that you respect and can be accountable to. Yes, having other peers that you can be accountable to is great! And, please find those kindred spirits! But, it is such a blessing to have older and more mature Christians to help you in your walk with the Lord while at college. For many of us – especially us homeschoolers – college is a very new experience. You suddenly have all of this freedom that you didn’t have before. So, I simply want to say: Don’t think that you can do everything alone. Make sure you have others in your life that can help you.
Now for what my family and I are planning on doing after I graduate:
My father is my protector and I want to stay under his authority. So, for us that means I will be living with my family (or close to them) until – if it is God’s will – I get married. As I said, that is what it means for us. This whole issue is a household issue as my mother would say. There isn’t one right way of dealing with college. Keep that in mind.
So, my older sister (who is graduated already) and I are staying home. We both are doing college, though. My sister is doing long distance study and I’m planning on commuting to a local college. I am looking forward to learning more and growing once I start college. But, what I’m looking forward to even more – becoming a wife and mother. That is a huge part of my future! I can’t wait!
I really respect young ladies who stay at home for their single years and those who go to college. One thing I would say is don’t just sit at home bored or just go through the motions at college. Be busy in your single years! Do ministry. Be excited about your God! He is so amazing!
So, yes! Those are my thoughts! Thank you for reading. Last thought:
Pray. Think about it. Talk to your parents. Pray again. College is something every family has to decide for themselves.
Your sister in Christ,
-  Elizabeth Grace Morphonios
North Carolina


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